The municipality of Tupã is located in a region dedicated primarily to agribusiness, where the production of coffee, peanut, rice, and fruits take place, besides big cattle breeders, notably for the production of eggs, milk, and beef. There are also meat packing plants and food industries that serve the national and international market. It is in this universe, extremely receptive to the practice of the agribusiness that Unesp offers, in the School of Sciences and Engineering, a unit consolidated in 2015, the courses of Management and of Biosystems Engineering. The campus has also a lato sensu graduate course in Agribusiness Management.


The campus focuses on the production systems connected to the agribusiness, working in the agricultural production, in the processing industries, in the distribution channels with the end consumer, and with the facilitating agents that make up these production systems.


The students of Management perform internships in the most diverse institutions, both public and private, in the financial management areas, controllership, human resources, production, and agribusiness. The research activities are performed by means of the Research Center in Management and Agribusiness (Cepeagro), which develops research studies with the companies and public bodies.


The course of Biosystems Engineering of the FCE campus aims at developing technology for efficient production of foods and energy for a world threatened by climate changes. It was conceived exactly to serve a promising market, which demands professionals with modern training, who add competences of the areas of vegetable and animal production, instrumentation, information technology, automation, and environment.


▪ Undergraduation: Biosystems Engineering and Management
▪ Graduation: Agribusiness and Developmen
▪ Physical space: 76,761.07 m²
▪ Constructed area: 4,894.00 m²
▪ 457 undergraduate students
▪ 39 professors
▪ 39 technical-administrative servants
▪ Arena Theater

School of Sciences and Engineering

Av. Domingos da Costa Lopes, 780 Jardim Itaipu
CEP: 17602-496
Phone: (55) 14 3404-4200

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