The Institute of Arts of Unesp, in the city of São Paulo, is a renowned center of higher education. Several artists and educators formed by the institute have an outstanding performance in Brazil and abroad. The licentiate degree courses in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Music Education train art-educators capable of work as teachers in the elementary and high schools, as cultural multipliers in museums, art workshops, studios, theaters, concert halls, community projects, and cultural centers, as well as in artistic careers. The bachelor’s degree course in Music, with four majors – Instrument, Singing, Composition and Conducting – aims at training the artist for his performance in society. The bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts trains professionals able to work in the art circuit – in studios, museums, galleries, and cultural centers; in the artistic creation aimed at the graphic and desktop publishing, publicity, television, cinema, theater, among others; in the academic area, whether in the development of research and in the higher education, or in the formulation of the art critique and of the artistic thought.


Besides the role it has in education and in the performance of research studies, the institution also develops important university extension projects, contributing to interaction between the university and the community. Among these projects are the Didactic Theater of Unesp – Group “Atrás do Grito de Teatro” (in a free translation, “Behind the Cry of Theater”); The Percussion Group of Unesp; The Unesp Guitar Trio; The Adult and Child Coral Project; Barroque – Alive Memory; and also the project University Open to the Elderly (Unati).


▪ Undergraduation: Art-Theater, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music Education, and Music (majors in Instrument, Singing, Composition and Conducting)
▪ Graduation: Arts, Music and professional master’s degree in Arts (PROF-ARTES)
▪ Physical space: 23,778.28 m²
▪ Constructed area: 12,317.60 m²
▪ 922 undergraduate students
▪ 279 graduate students
▪ 76 professors
▪ 98 technical-administrative servants
▪ Art Workshops


R. Dr. Bento Teobaldo Ferraz, 271, Barra Funda
CEP: 01140-070
Pabx: (55) 11 3393-8500

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