The present Science and Technology Institute of Sorocaba (ICTS), launched by Unesp in 2003 and consolidated in 2015, offers two graduate courses: Control and Automation Engineering and Environmental Engineering. In the graduation, the institute offers, on a master’s degree and doctorate level, the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences. Besides, it participates in the inter-institutional program of Unesp of Graduation in Materials Science and Technology, and of the multicampus Graduation Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In partnership with the School of Engineering of Bauru, also offers the Graduation Program in Electrical Engineering.


The implementation of the Sorocaba campus aimed at conciliating the service to the educational demand of the region with the formulation of public policies oriented to the more needy areas, concerned mainly about the technological development in the areas of automation, robotics, and environment, and with the implementation of environmental preservation practices and of programs aimed at the self-sustaining urban and rural development.


The course of Control and Automation Engineering, also know as Mechatronics, serves the industries and companies of the region, and is intended to train highly-qualified professionals to work throughout the country. Its proposal includes meet such demand, besides developing the industrial competitiveness of the companies, without neglecting solution in project of public policies oriented to the most needy areas of the region.


Sorocaba campus has the differential of being located in a region with a great development potential, close to the largest metropolis of the country. The urban and industrial development of the cities has occurred in a disorderly manner, without planning, and at the expense of increasing levels of pollution and environmental degradation.


Four research groups registered with the CNPq are in operation at the Sorocaba campus, bringing together all the professors of the unit. They are: Environmental Studies Group (GEA), Plasmas and Materials Group (GPM), Automation and Integrated Systems Group (Gasi), and Automation and Clean Technologies Center (Natel).


▪ Undergraduation: Environmental Engineering and Control and Automation Engineering
▪ Graduation: Materials Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering
▪ Physical space: 10,000 m²
▪ Constructed area: 4,380 m²
▪ 598 undergraduate students
▪ 95 graduate students
▪ 37 professors
▪ 42 technical-administrative servants

Science and Technology Institute

Av. Três de Março, 511 Bairro Alto da Boa Vista
CEP: 18087-180
Phones: (55) 15 3238-3401/3238-3415

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