Among the several research studies in course in the Biosciences, Languages, and Exact Sciences Institute (Ibilce), São José do Rio Preto campus, those performed by the professors of the departments of Biology and Physics who are part of the research group of the Genome project are highlighted, developed internationally, which has identified and mapped 80 thousand genes of the human DNA, storing and disposing of such information in a database. There are also studies with other microorganisms. The results will have a great impact in the industries related to biotechnology, such as agriculture, energy production, control of waste and environmental cleaning.


The course of Biological Sciences offers comprehensive training in biodiversity and organization of living beings. The Computer Science course allows for the training and specialization of the students in information systems, computer systems or scientific computing. Food Engineering provides training in engineering in food chemistry or food processing and preservation processes. The course of Physics (bachelor’s degree) aims at the development and application of physical models in biological systems. One can also choose the licentiate degree. The course of Mathematics enables the student to work both in the education and research area and in companies. Chemistry offers to students a specific solid knowledge and also in related areas, with the purpose of preparing them to work whether as professors, chemists, or in activities related to environmental issues. The licentiate degree course in Languages, one of the most prestigious of the country, qualifies the student in Portuguese language and a foreign language, with options including English, French, Spanish, and Italian. As for the bachelor’s degree course in Lan guages (Translation), it has professionals graduated qualifi ed to realize translations from and into their native language of texts from the most varied areas. Pedagogy, in turn, qualifi es the students for the teaching in the initial years of the elementary school and to work in the school management.


At Ibilce, tests for the prevention of blood diseases are performed at the Laboratory of Hemoglobins and Genetics of the Hematologic Diseases, besides paternity tests, water and food analysis, and consultancies. Besides, the junior companies provide assistance to private and public companies of the city and of the region. The project University of the Elderly (Unati) offers courses for the internal and external communities, as well as the Languages Center.


▪ Undergraduation: Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Food Engineering, Physics, Languages, Languages with major in Translation, Mathematics, Pedagogy, and Chemistry
▪ Graduation: Molecular Biophysics, Animal Biology, Computer Science, Food Science and Engineering, Genetics, Linguistic Studies, Languages, Mathematics, Mathematics in National Network (PROFMAT), Microbiology, and Chemistry
▪ Physical space: 194,776.71 m²
▪ Constructed area: 37,261.70 m²
▪ Ecological preservation area: 1,686,271 m²
▪ 1,872 undergraduate students
▪ 1,070 graduate students
▪ 232 professors
▪ 213 technical-administrative servants

Biosciences, Languages and Exact Sciences Institute

R. Cristóvão Colombo, 2265 Jardim Nazareth
CEP: 15054-000
Phone: (55) 17 3221-2200

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