Located in the district of Primavera, municipality of Rosana, in the extreme West of the state of São Paulo, in Pontal do Paranapanema, where it borders the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and of Paraná, Rosana campus offers the courses of Tourism (since 2003) and of Energy Engineering (since 2014). It is also located between three important cities: Presidente Prudente (SP), Dourados (MS), and Maringá (PR), all of which with an approximate distance of 200 kilometers. The teaching, research, and extension activities developed in the campus has the potential to infl uence the society of the region and of the country, given its relevance in the social and economic scenario.


The student with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism graduated in the Rosana campus of Unesp should be able to analyze and propose planning processes that allow the responsible development of the activity, and to contribute with research in the area, including to minimize its negative impacts. The learning in tourism is multidisciplinary, including areas such as economy, management, culture, arts, history, geography, environment, and gastronomy. The articulation of these notions consolidates the knowledge and prepares the young entrepreneur to work with the society and construct a career with creativity and innovation and, at the same time, organization and responsibility. The course of Energy Engineering provides training with a multidisciplinary view, so as to enable the students to develop technologies and research projects in a prospective scenario for their time. The professionals graduated in this course are expected to take into account politics, environment, economy, culture, and society in an integrated manner to the techniques and tools, by innovating methods and processes in the generation, transmission, and use of energy and of its sources.


▪ Undergraduation: Tourism and Energy Engineering
▪ Research Groups: 3
▪ Physical space: 14308.70 m²
▪ Constructed area: 4,526 m²
▪ 241 undergraduate students
▪ 23 professors
▪ 40 technical-administrative servants


Avenida dos Barrageiros, 1881
CEP: 19274-000
Phone: (55) 18 3284-9200

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