Registro Campus


Registro experimental campus started its activities in the year 2003, from the “Programa Unesp para Expansão de Vagas no Ensino Superior Público do Estado de São Paulo” (Unesp Program for Expansion of Vacancies in the Public Higher Education of the State of São Paulo), idealized by CRUESP, with the support of the state government and partnership by means of an agreement between the Municipal Government of Registro and Unesp. Initially, the unit would offer only the graduate course in Agronomy. From 2013, it started to offer the undergraduate course of Fishing Engineering and, in the following year, started its first lato sensu graduate course: Environment Science and Technology.


Currently, Registro campus is devoted to training professionals in the area of Agricultural Sciences. Two were the reasons that led to the implementation of the course of Fishing Engineering: the lack of a similar course in the state of São Paulo and the regional potential of the Vale do Ribeira region and of Iguape – Cananéia Lagoon Estuary, as well as of Brazil, for the production of fi shery resources, since the country presents a varied range of inland and coastal environments, among estuaries, dams, weirs, rivers, bays, and coves, which contribute to expansion potential of the aquaculture in Brazil.


The lato sensu graduate course in Environment Science and Technology, offered by the first time in 2014, aims at training human resources in said area to meet the demands and requirements of Vale do Ribeira and region.


Within the scope of research, the activities are developed to meet regional demands. The research lines existing at the unit are: Agricultural Engineering; Biology Applied to Agri-Environmental Studies; Processes and Product Applied to Agri-Environmental Studies; Animal Production, Fishery Resources, and Sustainability; and Vegetable Production and Sustainability.


▪ Undergraduation: Agronomy and Fishing Engineering
▪ Graduation (lato sensu): Environment Science and Technology
▪ Physical space: 960,877.06 m²
▪ Constructed area: 4,753.00 m²
▪ 324 undergraduate students and graduate students
▪ 33 professors
▪ 49 technical-administrative servants

Registro Campus

R. Nelson Brihi Badur, 430 Vila Tupy
CEP: 11900-000
Phone: (55) 13 3828-2900

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