The Bela Vista campus houses the Biosciences Institute (IB) of Unesp, in Rio Claro. The physical space of the campus comprises more than 968 thousand square meters of plain terrain, densely wooded, from which, all at once, the city and a generous area of native forest is unveiled. There the courses of Biological Sciences; Ecology – the fi rst in the country on undergraduate level; Physical Education and Pedagogy are taught, resulting from the detachment of the former School of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages (FFCL) of Rio Claro, installed in 1958.


Besides the solid training in the biological area, the Biological Sciences course (bachelor’s and licentiate degree) provides knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, and physics. The course of Ecology trains professionals able to assess the natural ecosystems, identifying problems and proposing solutions. The professionals trained in the course of Physical Education (bachelor’s and licentiate degree) may work at schools, gyms, sports clubs, companies, hospitals, hotels, and many other places. The course of Pedagogy offers both theoretical and practical activities, enabling the future professional to exercise the teaching and to work in companies and clinics, or also to opt for the academic career.


The extension activities are realized as projects, courses, and events that reach a diversified and increasingly larger audience. They have been oriented from criteria that are an integral part of research studies developed at the departments with the graduation curriculum and the interest in establishing exchanges with the community, enabling and encouraging the cultural production, the articulation with the social movements and with the governmental and non-governmental institutions.


The Social Insects Study Center (Ceis) is an auxiliary unit belonging to IB that counts with a group of researchers who develop studies with social insects belonging to the orders Hymenoptera (bees, ants, and wasps) and Isoptera (termites).


▪ Undergraduation: Biological Sciences, Ecology, Physical Education, and Pedagogy
▪ Graduation: Biological Sciences (Cellular and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Applied Microbiology, and Zoology); Human Kinetics, Human Development and Tecnologies; Ecology and Biodiversity; Education; and Physical Education (Professional Master Course)
▪ Physical space: 1,155,147.79 m²
▪ Constructed area: 26,653.27 m²
▪ 1,075 undergraduate students
▪ 692 graduate students
▪ 129 professors
▪ 178 technical-administrative servants
▪ Social Insects Study Center
▪ Herbarium Rioclarense – HRCB, bioterium, alligator facility

Biosciences Institute

Av. 24-A, 1515 CP 199
CEP: 13506-900
Phone: (55) 19 3526-4100


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