Located in the west of the state of São Paulo, the School of Sciences and Technology (FCT) of Unesp is prominent for the diversity of areas in which it performs. For teaching, research activities and those related to the extension of services to the community, it counts with a large structure, with modern and well-equipped laboratories and with a large library, besides excellent sports facilities, such as, for example, one of the most modern athletics tracks in Brazil.


The course of Computer Science prepares the future professionals to work in a growing job market. The Environmental Engineering course includes the knowledge of the areas of ecology, biology, geology, conservation and use of the soil, and geoprocessing. The Cartographic Engineering offers to the student a solid conceptual and methodological basis. Statistics aims at teaching methods and techniques to collect, analyze and make inferences. In the course of Physics, the students devote much of their time to the performance of experiments in laboratories. With the course of Chemistry, the professional is qualifi ed to work in education or in industries. Mathematics trains the professional to work in the teaching of elementary and high school. The course of Physical Education has at its disposal a large and well-structured sports area, and in the Physiotherapy course the student becomes able to perform in several health institutions. The course of Architecture and Urbanism has the concern of adapting the aesthetics to the functional. In Geography, the student experiences a varied range of extraclassroom activities, and the course of Pedagogy works in the graduation and qualifi cation of the teacher- educator for first years of the elementary school.


Among the main extension projects developed at FCT, there are: the Unesp Program University Open to the Elderly (Unati); the Education Program for Young People and Adults (Peja); Basketball on the Wheels; Guiding and Educating: Parents, let’s play in the LAR and at school; Implementation of accessibility tools at the Educational Objects (OE) for Inclusive Education, developed by the Promotion Center for Digital, School and Social Inclusion (CPIDES); and Cursinho Ideal (the university preparatory course targeted at needy students of Presidente Prudente and region).


▪ Undergraduation: Architecture and Urbanism, Computer Sciences, Physical Education, Environmental Engineering, Cartographic Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Physiotherapy, Geography, Mathematics, Pedagogy and Chemistry
▪ Graduation: Mathematics Education, Physics, Earth Sciences and Environment, Geography, Regional Geology, Mathematics in National Network, and University Mathematics (professional master’s degree)
▪ Physical space: 389,600 m²
▪ Constructed area: 37,146.00 m²
▪ 2,998 undergraduation students
▪ 599 graduating students
▪ 239 professors
▪ 212 technical-administrative servants
▪ Outpatient Clinic of Physiotherapy
▪ Athletics track

School of Sciences and Technology

R. Roberto Simonsen, 305 CP 266
Bairro Centro Educacional
CEP: 19060-080
Phone: (55) 18 3229-5388

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