Outstanding in the study of the surface of the Earth, mainly as regards its physical structure, climate, distribution of life and of the human activities, Geography is a science that finds authentic teaching and research laboratories in areas that go through periods of expansion. This is the case of the region of the Valley of the mid-Paranapanema River, which Unesp chose to install the campus of Ourinhos, where it offers the course of Geography.


The undergraduate course in Geography of Ourinhos campus was implemented in the beginning of August 2003, as a result of the vacancy expansion program of the public university, from an agreement between the government of the state of São Paulo, Unesp, and municipal governments. When this partnership was established, Ourinhos was one of the cities chosen to receive one of the socalled Differentiated Units. In 2009, Prof. Dr. Herman Jacobus Cornelis Voorwald, president of Unesp, announced the construction of the new campus in Ourinhos, in a land donated in 2004 by the former owner of Fazenda Santa Maria (a Farm), situated in the vicinities of the Industrial District II. Such construction was approved by the Deans Council of Unesp in December 10 of that year, within the budget proposal of the year 2010, and the forecast is that it is finished soon. The Geography course of Ourinhos campus emphasizes the performance of multidisciplinary fi eld works, in which the student may integrate with the practice the theoretical knowledge of the several subjects contained in the curriculum of the course. Both in the bachelor’s degree and in the licentiate degree, the students are stimulated to take part of research or study groups, of scientifi c initiation, and university extension projects, as well as to perform internships. The year 2011 was marked by the start of the classes of the lato sensu graduate course in Water Resources Management and Environmental Planning in Drainage Basins, given by professors of Ourinhos, Presidente Prudente, Unicamp, and DAEE campuses with the financing of Fundo Estadual de Recursos Hídricos (Fehidro – The State Fund of Water Resources), by means of the Comitê da Bacia Hidrográfica do Alto Paranapanema (Committee for the Drainage Basin of the High Paranapanema).


Since the installation of Unesp in Ourinhos, the university extension activities that have been performed with the involvement of professors, students, and the municipality citizens. We believe that these activities of cultural and scientific nature are also indispensable for the graduation of the student and future professional.


▪ Undergraduation: Geography
▪ Graduation (lato sensu): Water Resources Management and Environmental Planning on Drainage Basins
▪ Physical space: 199,758.94 m²
▪ Constructed area: 1,850 m2
▪ 253 undergraduate students
▪ 16 professors
▪ 27 technical-administrative servants

Ourinhos campus

Av. Vitalina Marcusso, 1500
CEP: 19910-206
Phone: (55) 14 3302-5700

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