A hub of the Southwest region of the state of São Paulo, Itapeva has a strong wood forestry vocation. Due to this characteristic, it has a large industrial park dedicated to the activities of production of wood, to the production of paper and pulp, and to the extraction of resin. The region is also characterized by the high concentration of reforestation, by the availability of labor accustomed to work with wood, and by a policy targeted at industrialization.


The Wood Industrial Engineering is of vital importance to the development of the companies of the sector. They use renewable natural resources, such as wood, and clean technologies, premises for the social and economic development in all countries. The wood industrial engineer is a professional with a great potential of inclusion in the job market. It suffices to observe the increase of the demand of industrialized wood products, which requires qualified professionals for its processing.


The importance of the research in the professional training is emphasized by the presence of a set of subjects of the basic and professionalizing centers. The research areas are broad and include: environmental control; pulp and paper; processing, physical and mechanical properties of wood; furniture; utilization of waste; optimization of processes; drying and preservation.


The Production Engineering is a multidisciplinary arm of Engineering, focused on the creation of projects for production systems of goods and services. In addition to designing, this professional is qualified to implement, operate, optimize, and maintain processes. It is fundamental in the pursuit of greater competitiveness in specific companies or sectors of the economy. The Course of Production Engineering of Itapeva campus, in the modality of Materials, aims at training professionals specialized in raw material processing industrial processes that use metallic (ferrous and non-ferrous) materials, ceramic materials from the mining sector, synthetic (plastic), and natural polymeric materials, such as wood and its byproducts, besides composite materials of metal or ceramic or polymer matrix.


The extension projects are stimulated as a way to motivate the interaction between teaching and research, giving society the knowledge generated at the university.


▪ Undergraduation: Production Engineering and Wood Industrial Engineering
▪ Physical space: 89,973.33 m²
▪ Constructed area: 4,831.00 m²
▪ 295 undergraduate students
▪ 18 professors
▪ 35 technical-administrative servants

Itapeva campus

R. Geraldo Alckmin, 519
CEP: 18409-010 Bairro Vila Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Phone: (55) 15 3524-9100

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