The School of Engineering of Guaratinguetá (FEG) gets benefi ts for being installed at the heart of the Vale do Paraíba region, an industrial island of excellence, sensibly stimulating the development of the region. Industries of automobile, aircraft, and chemical sectors are the ideal partnerships for the egresses of the fi ve engineering course modalities provided by FEG, which also maintains courses of Mathematics (licentiate degree) and Physics (bachelor’s and licentiate degree). FEG is today an important exact sciences center of the state of São Paulo. It counts with a highly qualifi ed faculty, producing high-quality teaching and research, and exercising the university extension in the region and in the country. It has excellent teaching laboratories and state-of-the-art computational resources. It also maintains agreements with important national and international universities and an intense exchange program involving students and professors, mainly with institutions of Germany and France.


With the training targeted at the technical deepening, the course of Mechanical Engineering prepares engineers with solid knowledge in the basic areas and in the principles of mechanics. Civil Engineering, also with a generalist training, highlights the specialties Construction, Structures, Geotechnics, Transports, Topography, and Sanitation. As for the course of Electrical Engineering, besides the general training, it emphasizes the contents of Electrotechnics and of Electronics, training professionals able to perform in the industry and in the research. The course of Production Engineering aims at preparing professionals with global knowledge about productive systems and processes, while the Materials Engineering course seeks to have engineers graduated who are capable of developing efficient technologies in the production and in the characterization of materials. Pedagogical contents and scientific training are adequately combined in the courses of Physics and Mathematics.


The extension project University Open to the Elderly (Unati) maintains teaching, research, and extension activities with the purposes of reintegrating the elderly to the society and of better understanding the issues related to aging. Besides this project, FEG also provides several distance learning courses open to the community. In the classroom teaching, courses in the areas of Energy Conservation, Environment, Business Management, Computer Science, Continuing Education of Professors, among others, are highlighted.


▪ Undergraduation: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Production Engineering, Materials Engineering, Physics (Licentiate and Bachelor’s degree), and Mathematics (Licentiate degree)
▪ Graduation: Mechanical Engineering (master’s degree and doctorate), Physics (master’s degree and doctorate), Production Engineering (professional master’s degree), Production Engineering (academic master’s degree)
▪ Physical space: 205,307.41 m²
▪ Constructed area: 37,962.16 m²
▪ 2,003 undergraduate students
▪ 373 graduate students
▪ 150 professors
▪ 201 technical-administrative servants

School of Engineering of GuaratinguetÁ

Av. Dr. Ariberto Pereira da Cunha, 333
CEP: 12516-410
Phone: (55) 12 3123-2800

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