The School of Human and Social Sciences (FCHS) of Unesp, in Franca campus, is a hub of excellence in the area of human sciences in the northwest of the state of São Paulo. It provides an update and dynamic course of History, the only course of Social Service of Unesp, and one of the best and most sought-after courses of Law of the country, besides a course of International Relations. Counts with a Social Legal Center that provides attention to the needy population.


The course of Law has been prominent by the critical view of the reality and of the Science of Law itself. This allows for a graduation that is not only technical, but also humanist, an essential characteristic in a market whose supply of professionals is growing.


The course of History provides the students with possibilities of development in the teaching and research area, with excellent infrastructure, having its library and the Historical Research Support and Documentation Center as its highlights. It grants students with licentiate and bachelor’s degree diplomas. In order to improve, the students learn data collection techniques, visiting institutions of the city such as the Municipal Historic Museum, the Municipal Public Archives, the City Council, and the notary public offices.


The Social Service course, following the pedagogical project implemented in 2015, allows that the student studies vocational subjects since the fi rst year. It trains social workers able to work in the management of public social policies, in the expression of the public social issues such as famine, violence, family breakdown, children and adolescents, prisons, citizenship, education, health, agricultural issues, community associations, the elderly and many others.


The International Relations course privileges the teaching targeted at the research and the negotiation in solving confl icts, particularly in the area of politics. For such purpose, the student has at its disposal an Investigation Laboratory and several research centers and groups, besides three prominent projects: the Observatory of Defense and Armed Forces (a joint work performed by Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Bolivia), the Observation Center for the Brazilian Foreign Policy, and the Group of Prospective Scenarios. The course also maintains Orbe, a Junior Company of International Relations.


▪ Undergraduation: Law, History, International Relations, and Social Service
▪ Graduation: Law, History, Planning and Public Policies Analysis, and Social Service
▪ Physical space: 213,083.60 m²
▪ Constructed area: 16,151.04 m²
▪ 1,844 undergraduate students
▪ 327 graduate students
▪ 98 professors
▪ 140 technical-administrative servants

School of Human and Social Sciences

Rua Eufrásia Monteiro Petráglia, 900
Jardim Dr. Antonio Petráglia
CEP: 14409-160
Phone: (55) 16 3706-8806

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