Public Administration

Planning and management for society benefit.

Researches, actions in the community, internships, visits and events complement Bachelor’s degree.

A Bachelor of Public Administration is not simply an administrator adapted to the most politicized sphere of governmental powers, institutions and entities. In spite of possessing the necessary knowledge for a good management of financial, human and material resources, this professional works for public and collective goals, which are defined and pursued in the ambit of dilemmas and negotiations of complex political practices.

Public administrators are able to plan and manage public policies, implement programs of social responsibility, manage social organizations, elaborate governmental programs, as well as work with regulatory and social encouragement agencies.

The job market, where they run organizations of public sector at governmental level; federal, state or municipal agencies; companies linked to the third sector or NGOs, is increasingly absorbing them.

In the private sector, public administrators can work on activities interfaced with the public power and also on shared management projects. As consultants, they plan institutional measures to reduce administrative costs, enlarge actions scope and increase benefits of public policies. They also develop projects for financing in public banks. In addition, they may become professors in a field that grows since the beginning of the State reform, in the 1990s.

Public administrators confer efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness to public management, contributing to socio-economic development and to make government-society relation more open and democratic. Therefore, the profile of these specialists does not resemble that of an idle public servant. The Public Administration major offered by the School of Sciences and Letters, in the Araraquara campus, provides a wide range of contents, including courses like Social Science, Politics, Law, Economy and others, particular of the Administration field. The major, offered in the morning and night periods, was granted four stars (out of five) in the evaluation made in 2010 by the Student Guide, published by Editora Abril.

The public administrator degree is complemented with several activities that promote theory-practice interaction. Students may be involved with scientific initiation research, tutoring, academic events, side projects, internships, technical visits, and student activism.   Among opportunities, there are: PET – Tutorial Education Program (for scientific initiation), CAAP – Academic Center of Public Administration (place for student activism; Empresa Paulista Júnior Projetos e Consultoria (which promotes entrepreneurial experience); SEMAP – Public Administration Week (organized by CAAP); JORNAP (journey kept by PET) and several research groups for which professors recruit students-researchers.

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