Environmental Engineer

Professionals work with diagnosis, management, treatment, and control of environmental problems

An interdisciplinary major that combines natural and exact sciences, humanities, and health

** Double Degree

An environmental engineer works in the diagnosis, management, treatment, and control of both urban and rural environmental problems. What distinguishes this professional from the others who also work with the environment is that, besides identifying and assessing the problem, he manages to come up with the solution, plan it, put it into practice, and monitor it.

The graduate will be able to carry out researches in environmental degradation and work with environmental management and certification standards: the ISO 14000 (a certification of environmental quality developed by an international organization).

A professional that shows all these competences will find job opportunities in: research centers, environmental management agencies, non-governmental organizations, sanitation and water supply companies, electric companies and sanitary surveillance agencies, universities, and pollution control departments in public and private institutions. Construction companies, consulting firms, and agencies responsible for environmental public policies are also prospective employers.

UNESP offers the Environmental Engineering major at four campuses: Presidente Presidente, Rio Claro, São José dos Campos, and Sorocaba. In all of them, the courses of the major combine exact and biological sciences, giving students a great multidisciplinary education.

They will become familiar with systems and equipment for air, water, and soil pollution control, develop technics for the reclamation of degraded land, and learn how to preserve and restore natural resources. Besides the technical knowledge, the activities and classes will also make students improve their creativity, curiosity, interdisciplinary vision, communication skills, reasoning, and general culture. A professional profile like this will certainly stand out in the job market.

In Presidente Prudente, the future engineer will be encouraged to propose solutions to environmental adequacy of companies and to conceive natural resources management more efficiently at both environmental and economic levels.

In São José do Rio Preto, at the Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia - ICT (Science and Technology Institute), the primary goal is to mold a professional who is able to work in a management position in public and private companies, someone who may be part of multidisciplinary teams responsible for the management and control of environmental quality. This professional will also understand environmental management tools and their importance, and will communicate with the ones involved in the environmental management process inside an organization, such as external consultants and control bodies, among others.

In Rio Claro, students will focus on their basic science knowledge, their spirit of research, and their capacity to conceive and operate processes and systems related to the prevention of pollution.

At the campus located in Sorocaba, the major focuses on environmental systems technology. In all the campuses, students are guided through an integrated understanding of administrative, economic, social, and environmental problems, which qualifies them to work with interdisciplinary teams.

Where to study - Cities

Campus Period No. of Seats Duration
Presidente Prudente Morning and Afternoon 35 5 years
Rio Claro Morning and Afternoon 30 5 years
São José dos Campos Morning and Afternoon 40 5 years
Sorocaba Morning and Afternoon 60 (August) 5 years

Presidente Prudente

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - FCT
Rua Roberto Simonsen, 305
19060-900 - P. Presidente, SP
Phone: (18) 3229-5388
Fax: (18) 3221-4391

Rio Claro

Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas - IGCE

Avenida 24, 1515
Bairro: Bela Vista
13506-900 - Rio Claro, SP
Phone: (19) 3526-9000
PABX: (19) 3526-9000

SÃo JosÉ dos Campos

Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia - ICT
Av. Eng. Francisco José Longo, no 777
Bairro: Jardim São Dimas
15054-000 - São José do Rio Preto, SP
Phone: (12) 3947-9000
Fax: (12) 3947-9010


Campus de Sorocaba

Av. Três de Março, 511
Sorocaba - SP - CEP 18087-180
Phone: (55) 15 3238-3401/3238-3415
Fax (55) 15 3228-2842