Computer Science

An ascending career in a computer-driven world

A top-of-the-line major that focus both on theory and practice

Computer science majors are the brain behind the machine. They are responsible for the development of programs, equipment, networks, and systems that enable and maintain the computer universe. Such necessary resources to our contemporary world are constantly evolving, forcing the computer expert to have a solid and updated education.

The use of computers has become fundamental to several activities, such as: medical diagnosing, offshore oil drilling, financial systems management, weather forecasting, and traffic controlling.

In order to pursue this career, good logical reasoning and a solid understanding of the Exact Sciences are essential. Another basic requirement is to have interest in knowing how things work, finding out about new technologies, and solving problems.

UNESP offers the Computer Science major in four campuses: Bauru, Presidente Prudente, Rio Claro, and São José do Rio Preto. In all the four campuses where this major is offered, students learn how to develop computer methods, tools, and systems.

Besides participating in classroom activities, students may also: obtain a scholarship to carry out research while being assisted by professors and graduate students; partake professor-supervised internships; and attend conferences related to the field. All four campuses also finance their own junior enterprises, that encourage students to put into practice their entrepreneurial spirit, frequently making them feel inspired enough to start a business on their own. Moreover, this major places great importance on extracurricular activities involving community work.

The campus located in Bauru offers the students five labs for didactic purposes and nine other for research: Adaptive Systems and Intelligent Computing, Real-Time Systems, Information Technology, High Performance Computing, Intelligent Instrumentation, Integration of Intelligent Systems and Devices, Knowledge Management Technology, Learning and Computerized Teaching, and the Wireless Competence and Technology Centre. The major has an up-to-date pedagogical project, allows students to participate in international exchange programs, as well as in national and international scientific competitions.

The campus located in Presidente Prudente has a Lab Center equipped with two general-purpose labs; one for computer networks; another one for software engineering, database and computational intelligence; and finally, another one for high performance computing, computer graphics, image processing, biometry, computational vision, computational geometry, and visualization. Since 2010, because of a new political and pedagogical project, the courses of this major started to be offered either in the morning or in the evening.

In Rio Claro, it focuses on hardware and software, providing the students the possibility of a good insertion both in the academic field and in the job market. There are nine labs for didactic purposes that enable, among other activities, experiments in robotics, microprocessors, and basic physics. The students also have access to ten research labs used by professors.

In São José do Rio Preto, the course curriculum is one of the most remarkable features, once students may specialize in one or more of the following available areas: Information Systems, Computing Systems, Digital Control and Automation Systems, Computing Languages and Theory, and Scientific Computing. The campus has a Hardware and Software Lab Center with excellent, updated facilities that benefit all these areas.

Where to study - Cities

Campus Period No. of Seats Duration
Bauru Morning and Afternoon 30 4 years
Presidente Prudente Afternoon/Evening 354.5 years
Rio Claro Morning and Afternoon 30 4 years
Evening 30 5 years
São José do Rio Preto Morning and Afternoon 35 4 years


Faculdade de Ciências - FC
Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 1401
Bauru - SP - CEP 17033-360
Phone:(55) 14 3103-6000
Fax:(55) 14 3103-6071

Presidente Prudente

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - FCT
Rua Roberto Simonsen, 305
19060-900 - P. Presidente, SP
Phone: (18) 3229-5388
Fax: (18) 3221-4391

Rio Claro

Instituto de Geociências e Ciências Exatas - IGCE
Avenida 24, 1515
Bairro: Bela Vista
13506-900 - Rio Claro, SP
Phone: (19) 3526-9000
PABX: (19) 3526-9000

SÃo JosÉ do Rio Preto

Instituto de Biociências, Letras e Ciências Exatas - IBILCE
Rua Cristóvão Colombo, 2265
Bairro: Jardim Nazareth
15054-000 - São José do Rio Preto, SP
Phone: (17) 3221-2200