With the mission of “producing knowledge and training professionals with a multidisciplinary approach and social commitment”, as a guideline of its actions, the Biosciences Institute of Botucatu (IBB), of Unesp, is increasingly prominent in the teaching, research, and extension activities. IBB offers fi ve courses: Biological Sciences – bachelor’s degree and licentiate degree, Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition, and Medical Physics, that have presented positive concepts in the evaluations which they take part of. Besides, the institution is responsible for the basic subjects of the other courses of the Unesp units in Botucatu.


IBB has three auxiliary units. The Toxicological Assistance Center (Ceatox), which provides the service of pharmaco-toxicological information and guidance, counts with an outpatient clinic, performs quantitative toxicological analyses, develops prevention actions related to the consumption of alcohol and drugs, performs basic and applied research, and contributes to the training of human resources by means of qualifi cation courses. The Electron Microscopy Center (CME) works in research projects in the field of biology and of materials. This auxiliary unit makes equipment and services available to researchers of Unesp and of other Brazilian teaching and research institutions. CME also promotes training of users, by means of courses and subjects it provides. As for the Center for Environmental Stable Isotopes in Life Sciences, researchers of several areas work there. Its studies include, for example, the sectors of apiculture, pig breeding, poultry farming, and aquaculture. The auxiliary unit, besides developing research studies, performs product analysis services that aim at identifying tampering, track substances ingested by animals, among other requests.


Since its implementation, IBB develops research activities. Nowadays, the unit has the following graduate programs: Biological Sciences (Botanics, Pharmacology, Genetics, and Zoology); General and Applied Biology; Biometry; and Biotechnology, created recently. Besides, the exchange with universities and research centers in other countries is quite signifi cant. There are several cooperation agreements in course, which has allowed the scientific development by means of partnerships with foreign institutions, which allows the joint performance of studies and publications between the professors of the several institutions, besides the enhancement of the graduation of undergraduate and graduate students.


▪ Undergraduation: Biological Sciences (bachelor’s degree and licentiate degree), Biomedical Sciences, Nutrition, and Medical Physics
▪ Graduation: General and Applied Biology, Biometry, Biotecnology, and Biological Sciences (Botanics, Pharmacology, Genetics, and Zoology)
▪ Physical space: 1,234,838.82 m²
▪ Constructed area: 31,866.85 m²
▪ 962 undergraduate students
▪ 599 graduate students
▪ 164 professors and 1 researcher
▪ 186 technical-administrative servants

Institute of Biosciences of Botucatu

Rua Prof. Dr. Antônio Celso Wagner Zanin, 250 – Bairro Distrito de Rubião Júnior
CEP: 18618-689
Phone: (55) 14 3880-0843/45

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