Teaching quality and large infrastructure are some of the characteristics that assure to the School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (FMVZ) of Unesp a prominent place among the main higher education institutions of the country. Located in the Botucatu campus, the school maintains an important Veterinary School Hospital – the first of its kind in Brazil, with approximately 15 thousand services per year – and it performs its teaching and research activities in three farms that, together, total 1,143 hectares. FMVZ is an institution concerned with the individual and society, offering, by means of the higher education, an opportunity for the intellectual training and personal fulfi llment, having competent and qualifi ed professionals graduated to work in the areas of Veterinary and Zootechnical Medicine. A factor that assures its quality are the material conditions existing at the unit, that counts with analysis and research laboratories, endowed with modern equipment, in a large majority imported, and support bodies, such as the Veterinary Hospital and the teaching, research and production farms, that are three, namely: Lageado, Edgárdia, and São Manuel.


The undergraduate course in Veterinary Medicine is prominent for being the fi rst in Brazil. Besides, since 1973, it provides the Residency in Veterinary Medicine, also pioneering in the country. With the consolidation of the undergraduate course in Zootechnics, in March 1990, the Graduation in Zootechnics was implemented, with a concentration area in Nutrition and Animal Production, on the level of master’s degree and doctorate, and a highly qualified faculty, with specialization in the country and abroad. From 1992, specialization courses have been created aiming at improving the specific knowledge and having human resources trained in several areas.


An important support unit to research and to the assistance to the community, the Veterinary Hospital is an auxiliary unit endowed of modern facilities, with surgery centers, outpatient clinics, laboratories, radiology unit, kennels and stable stalls. If offers services of veterinary clinic, veterinary anesthesiology (including acupuncture), surgery of big and small animals, veterinary pathology, bacteriological and mycological diagnosis, animal reproduction, control of zoonoses, epidemiology, and virological and immunological diagnosis.


▪ Undergraduation: Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics
▪ Graduation: Wildlife, Animal Biotecnology, Veterinary Medicine, and Zootechnics
▪ Physical space (campus): 21,266,615.00 m²
▪ Constructed area: 42,302.74 m²
▪ 659 undergraduate students
▪ 409 graduate students
▪ 77 professors
▪ 215 technical-administrative servants
▪ Veterinary Hospital
▪ 3 experimental farms (1,143 hectares)

School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics

Distrito de Rubião Júnior, s/n CP 237
CEP: 18618-970
Phone: (55) 14 3811-6002/3815-2343

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