The School of Agronomic Sciences (FCA) in Botucatu offers undergraduate courses in Agronomy, Forest Engineering, and Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering. The Agronomy course seeks to treat contents, techniques and strategies that allow for the graduation of both creative and critical professionals. The Forest Engineering course is targeted at the scientifi c knowledge of the forests. The Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering course offers a solid graduation in the areas of exact and biological sciences and also knowledge in the area of human and social sciences, qualifying professionals to know and develop new technologies. Courses of master’s and doctorate are also provided at FCA in six graduation programs.


Among the themes researched at FCA, it could be highlighted: performance of agricultural machines and tires; precision agriculture; production systems; irrigation engineering and management; production chains in general and of organic products; geoprocessing and planning of the use of land; fertilization of different crops; use of residues in agricultural and forest areas; genetic improvement of agricultural and forest species; energy-producing plants; solid and composite waste; beverages and foods; wood technology; agroforestry systems; medicinal plants; monitoring of wild flora and fauna; production of seeds; storage of grains; control and management of diseases, pests and weeds.


The extension activities emphasize the stimulus to the agricultural development and to the preservation of the environment. Courses, seminars and meetings are performed, besides the provision of services, technical assistance and rural extension to agriculturists, agribusiness companies, family producers, entities, and associations. The theme of the extension projects admits the enhancement of the professional graduation of young agriculturists and the performance in settlements of rural workers, rural districts and traditional communities, among which, of indigenous peoples and quilombola communities.


▪ Undergraduation: Agronomy, Forest Engineering, and Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering
▪ Graduation: Agronomy (Agriculture, Energy in Agriculture, Horticulture, Irrigation and Drainage, Protection of Plants) and Forest Science
▪ Total area: 21,266,615 m²
▪ Constructed area: 83,141.80 m²
▪ Fazenda Lageado: 938.96 ha
▪ Fazenda Edgárdia: 1,200.32 ha
▪ Fazenda São Manuel: 381 ha
▪ Parks and gardens: 163.00 ha
▪ Lawn area: 133.00 ha
▪ Cultivated area (flowers and shrubs): 6.00 ha
▪ Others (natural and artificial woods, rural track for running, etc): 24.00 ha
▪ Cultivated area (corn, rice, sorghum etc): 150.00 ha
▪ 942 undergraduate students
▪ 679 graduate students
▪ 92 professors
▪ 280 technical-administrative servants
▪ “Museu do Café” (The Coffee Museum) and historic area

School of Agronomic Sciences Fazenda Experimental Lageado

R. José Barbosa de Barros, 1780 CP 237
CEP: 18610-307
Phone: (55) 14 3880-2001

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