The School of Sciences (FC) of Unesp, in the Bauru campus, provides undergraduate courses articulated to the areas of Biological Sciences, Exact Sciences, and Humanities. The student of Biological Sciences has assured an essential nuclear training, which allows them to, when graduating, work as a licentiate and/or bachelor. The course of Computer Science instructs professionals able to work in areas such as basic and scientific software, computer networks, databases, and education in computing. The licentiate degree and the bachelor’s degree in Physical Education seeks to train licentiates and professionals capable of working by means of the different methods and modalities of the physical exercise. The course of Physics seeks to meet important demands, such as the training of Physics professors for the basic education and that of researchers to work in the teaching of sciences and in new materials. The course of Mathematics aims at providing the initial training for the professor of Mathematics of the basic school. The students of the course of Meteorology graduate to perform in the areas of forecast, monitoring, and scientifi c research of the climate. The course of Pedagogy instructs professors to exercise the teaching functions in the child education and in the initial years of the elementary school, as well as to develop, in an articulated way, activities as educational manager. The course of Psychology proposes itself to graduate professionals who are capable of articulating processes of acquisition of knowledge already systematized by the area and related sciences. The course of Chemistry has professionals graduated to work as professors of the high school and in the chemical industry, as well as in the higher education and in research laboratories. The basic objective of the course of Information Systems is to graduate professionals, to the area of computer science, qualifi ed to structure the several information fl ows in the most varied ways of organization.


The Applied Psychology Center (CPA), an auxiliary unit connected to the FC, offers in its school-service the supervised internships of the Psychologist Graduation Course. IPMet – the Bauru Meteorology Center, an auxiliary unit linked to FC, since its beginning, in the 1960’s, is dedicated to the research and provision of services to the community.


▪ Undergraduation: Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Physical Education, Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Chemistry, and Information Systems
▪ Graduation: Materials Technology and Sciences, Teaching for the Basic Education, Education for Science, and Psychology of the Development and Learning
▪ Physical space (campus): 4.149.986,17 m2
▪ Constructed area (unit): 22.567,56 m2
▪ 2.197 undergraduate students
▪ 464 graduate students
▪ 199 professores
▪ 119 technical-administrative servants

School of Sciences

Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01
CEP: 17033-360
Phone: (55) 14 3103-6000

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