The watchword here is creativity. After all, it is the one responsible for approaching the professionals formed by the courses offered at the School of Architecture, Arts and Communication (FAAC) of Unesp, Bauru campus.


The Social Communication course, with majors in Journalism, Public Relations, and Radio and TV, offers basic and professional subjects, that count with specifi c laboratories in each area. Besides the theoretical classes, the course provides the students with the opportunity of putting into practice what they learn, by means of the laboratory newspaper Contexto, of the weekly reports of the newspaper Extra!, of thematic supplements, of the Unesp Virtual Radio, and of the WebTV. The students may also get involved in projects at TV Unesp and in the Radio Unesp FM, and take part of university extension projects. For fi ve years, the newspapers Voz do Niceia and Jornal do Ferradura, produced by the students, are distributed in two neighborhoods of Bauru. The course of Arts Education has art-educators graduated for the elementary and high school. Throughout the course, the practical notions characteristic of the artistic experimentation and of the teaching-learning of arts are associated to theoretical, historical, and critical approaches. The course of Design enables the students for the conception of products and product systems, as well as it enables them to communicate ideas by means of the visual language. Unesp offers the opportunity of participating in different projects in partnership with private companies, such as automakers and manufacturers of furniture, and in several scientifi c researches in the area of design. The students also work with the community, enabling artisans of poor areas, for example. In the course of Architecture and Urbanism, professors and students develop researches in the areas of environmental comfort, planning and urban design, landscape ecological planning, landscaping projects, social housing, project theory and architecture, urbanism, and landscaping history.


The extension activities at FAAC include projects of several areas, among which we highlight the Popular Housing and Architecture Project, that works with priority issues for the low income communities, such as housing, health, and education. Another example is the Projeto Polo Bauru – Rede Arte na Escola (in a free translation, the Project Pole of Bauru – The Art Network at School), that deals with the continuous training of educators of the public education system. There is also a pre-entrance examination course, maintained by professors and voluntary students, that offers free classes on the weekends.


▪ Undergraduation: Architecture and Urbanism, Visual Arts, Social Communication (Journalism, Radio, and Public Relations), Design (Graphic Design and Product Design), and Arts Education
▪ Graduation: Design, Digital Television: informations and knowledge, Communication, and Architecture and Urbanism
▪ Physical space (campus): 4,149,986.17 m²
▪ Constructed area (unit): 11,616.67 m²
▪ 1,686 undergraduate students
▪ 273 graduate students
▪ 125 professors
▪ 91 technical-administrative servants

School of Architecture, Arts and Communication

Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 14-01
CEP: 17033-360
Phone: (55) 14 3103-6000

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