The chemistry Institute in Araraquara (IQAr) has developed basic and applied research projects, in several lines, and it has been able to obtain fi nancial aid from different development agencies, such as Fapesp, CNPq, Finep, Capes, ANP, CEE, and also special programs such as Pronex, CTPetro (resources of the Union and sectoral funds), Genoma (Genome), Biota-Bioprospecta, and Cepid (state resources), a result of efforts made by the professors-mentors and by the coordination of the graduation programs.


The professionals graduated by IQAr work in the planning, implementation and administration of laboratories and take part in the development of new processes and products, and may perform professional activities in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and textile industries. Other fields of performance are education institutions and control and inspection agencies, in the sectors of industry, commerce, agriculture, and forensic sciences.


The institute works in projects that support the improvement of the education of physical and natural sciences in the elementary schools and high schools of Araraquara and region, by means of programs developed by the Center of Sciences of Araraquara, by the Unified Course of the Campus of Araraquara (Cuca Pré-vestibulares), by the Program Lectures at Schools (“Palestras nas Escolas”), and by Núcleo Alquimia, a theater group formed by undergraduate and graduate students who perform demonstrations of experiences.


In the Licentiate degree in Chemistry the Institutional Program of Teaching Initiation Scholarships (Pibid/Capes) is developed, in which a group of students acts in the support to the teaching of chemistry in public high schools. The course also performs the service provision to chemical industries, agricultural companies and state bodies, by means of agreements, advisories, of the Technical Support Laboratories and of the Fuel, Oil and Byproducts Quality Research and Monitoring Center – Cempeqc. An expressive scientifi c production and agreements with large companies – such as Vale, Heineken, Carbonífera do Cambuí, and Predilecta Alimentos – characterize the research activity of IQAr. Not to mention the projects contracted by governmental organizations, such as The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), for monitoring of the quality of the fuel consumed in the country.


▪ Undergraduation: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Bachelor’s degree in Technological Chemistry, and Licentiate degree in Chemistry)
▪ Graduation: Biotechnology and Chemistry
▪ Physical space: 37,450.34 m²
▪ Constructed area: 20,398.66 m²
▪ 599 undergraduate students
▪ 452 graduate students
▪ 90 professors
▪ 145 technical-administrative servants

Chemistry Institute

R. Prof. Francisco Degni, s/n CP 355
CEP: 14800-900
Phone: (55) 16 3301-6600

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