The general objective of the course of Dentistry is not only the professional training, but the construction of the citizen with scientific knowledge, values and attitude to perform its work in the dental area, keeping the commitment with the community and its regional relevance. Thus, the professional competences, abilities, and attitudes are developed in the fi eld of the technical-scientific, humanistic, and social training.


FOAr, since its creation, has deserved the best concepts, being accredited as an Excellence Center in teaching, research and extension. The high demand for the course, the nonexistence of school dropout rates and the opening of the job market for its graduating students attest, in practice, the effi ciency of the course. The privileged physical space, distributed into clinics, research and teaching laboratories, auditoriums, classrooms, library and other facilities, has modern equipment and appropriate to the clinical, teaching and research works.


FOAr offers courses that aim at the improvement of the dental knowledge. Besides, it discloses dental knowledge by means of researches, technical publications, journals and monographs, and sponsors studies and programs targeted at the enhancement of the community dental service provision models, which contribute to the social purpose of Dentistry.


The college promotes research activities by means of: training of personnel in its graduation courses or in other national and foreign institutions; training of groups of researchers; exchange with other scientific institutions and stimulus to the development of projects in common; promotion of congresses, symposiums and seminars; covenants with national and international entities.


FOAr develops extension projects targeted at the service to the community of Araraquara and region, such as the Oral Medicine Service. It also promotes dental service to the population of the settlement Bela Vista, oral prevention and hygiene programs for students of the elementary school of the public education system, dental service program in the pre and postnatal care, and dental service in a hospital environment for special patients. It also counts with the Dental Museum, considered one of the most representative of the country.


▪ Undergraduation: Dentistry
▪ Graduation: Physiological Sciences (UFScar and Unesp) Dental Sciences, Dentistry, and Oral Rehabilitation
▪ Physical space: 7,729.00 m²
▪ Constructed area: 21,941.48 m²
▪ 379 undergraduate students
▪ 272 graduate students
▪ 107 professors
▪ 165 technical-administrative servants
▪ Dental Museum
▪ Anatomy Museum

School of Dentistry

R. Humaitá, 1680 – Centro CP 33
CEP: 14801-903
Phone: (55) 16 3301-6300

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