Installed 4 kilometers away from downtown Araraquara, amidst extensive gardens, the School of Sciences and Languages (FCLAr) of Unesp, Araraquara campus, lives a constant and productive intellectual excitement.


The School of Sciences and Languages of Araraquara offers five undergraduate courses. The Public Administration course has as its main objective to enable the future professional to perform interventions in organizations devoted to collective interests. As for the Economic Sciences course, it seeks to allow for the student the comprehensive and critical training of the evolution of the economic thought. Professionals in tune with the Brazilian reality are graduated in the Social Sciences course. The student graduated in the course of Languages is qualified in Portuguese (and literatures in Portuguese language) and in a foreign language (German, Spanish, French, Greek, English, Italian, or Latin) and its respective literature. The structure of the Pedagogy course includes subjects that comprise the general training in the area and the training for teaching, in two axes: training of professors for the initial years of the elementary school and training of professors in special education. The excellence in research is originated in and supported by the five stricto sensu graduation programs that FCL holds and its graduate specializations (lato sensu).


The Children’s and Adolescents’ Research Center “Dante Moreira Leite” (Cenpe) is an auxiliary unit that aims at integrating education, research activities and those for the extension of services to the community, in the fi elds of vocational guidance, of the special education and of the educational development and guidance of children and adolescents.


The promotion of the extension services is made by research groups, teaching, studies and research centers, study centers, junior company, academic centers, among others. FCLAr also counts with the Editorial Laboratory, that besides disclosing the dissertations and theses defended in college, offers extension courses and performs a signifi cant number of events, as well as continued training programs, presentations of plays, film sessions and other cultural activities.


▪ Undergraduation: Public Administration, Economic Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages, and Pedagogy
▪ Graduation: Social Sciences, Economy, School Education, Sexual Education, Literary Studies, Linguistics and Portuguese Language
▪ Physical space: 346,158.62 m² (shared with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)/Chácara (small farm) Saffioti (12,053.97 m²)/Housing (6,083.05 m²)
▪ Constructed area: 21,780.58 m²/Chácara (881.97 m²)/ Housing (2,326.65 m²)
▪ 2,882 undergraduate students
▪ 786 graduate students
▪ 172 professors
▪ 175 technical-administrative servants

School of Sciences and Languages

Rodovia Araraquara-Jaú, km 1 CP 174
CEP: 14800-901
Phone: (55) 16 3301-6200


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