With performance in teaching, research, extension, and service provision to the community, the School of Dentistry of Araçatuba performs free and quality dental services to the population of the city and of all the region, which includes 47 municipalities and approximately 800 thousand inhabitants. Holding a strategic position in the northwest of the state of São Paulo, the school offers the only free courses of Dentistry, full time and during the evenings, in a radius of 200 kilometers from Araçatuba. The high concept of the Dentistry course attracts on an annual basis many applicants from the most varied regions of São Paulo and from other states of the country. The quality of the teaching and of the research performed in the campus of Araçatuba has reached international recognition in many dental specialties.


The course of Dentistry aims at the education of dental surgeons to work in the health public service, in private dental clinics, and in hospitals, capable of promoting changes in the health-disease process of the human being and of the collectivity, by means of integrated actions, following the ethical and humanist principles, always taking into account the logic of the scientific thought. The course combines theoretical training subjects with long periods of practice provided by the activities in the laboratories, in the dental clinics, and in the campus’ research centers, besides the cutting-edge research in several areas. Besides, the graduation courses in Dentistry provide human resources that may be absorbed by private and public entities across the country.


In Araçatuba, there is a library, clinics, special classrooms, and laboratories equipped with modern instruments, besides qualified professors. In these facilities, the students learn and apply the knowledge by means of an offer of free treatment to the local population, under the supervision of the professors. Another characteristic of the courses is the integration between the teaching and the research, with the stimulus in order that the students perform scientifi c initiation work, and between the teaching and the extension, very important for the population and for the training of the student, reinforcing its social responsibility. The students are also able to perform international exchanges.


▪ Undergraduation: Dentistry
▪ Graduation: Dentistry, Preventive and Social Dentistry, Dental Science and Multicenter Program in Science
▪ Physical space: Urban Center: 15,381.26 m²/Rondon: 149,857. 74 m²/Student Housing: 4,862.76 m²
▪ Constructed area: Urban Center: 8,791.18 m²/Rondon: 15,256.03 m²/Student Housing: 912.60 m²
▪ 612 undergraduate students
▪ 242 graduate students
▪ 101 professors
▪ 190 technical-administrative servants

School of Dentistry

R. José Bonifácio, 1193
CEP: 16015-050
Phone: (55) 18 3636-3200

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