Holding a strategic position in the northwest of the state of São Paulo, FMVA offers the only free course of Veterinary Medicine in a radius of 200 kilometers from Araçatuba. The school prestige is such that, besides supplying the regional demand, it annually attracts applicants from several regions and from other states.


During the undergraduation in Veterinary Medicine, the students are in contact with different species of small animals, such as dogs and cats, and with production animals, among which ovines, bovines, and swine. The course objective is to train professionals who, besides the specific medical-veterinary knowledge, know the basics of economy and management demanded by the market, and who are able to perform cutting-edge research in several areas.


The graduate specialization in Animal Production Systems Management aims at meeting the demand by professionals with a broad view of the production system, the ability necessary to plan and manage actions focused on the improvement of the economic results, the quality assurance, and the sustainability of the activity.


The Graduation Program in Animal Science of the School of Veterinary Medicine of Unesp is intended for professionals and researchers with a profile which is compatible with its scope areas: Medical and Surgical Pathophysiology (master’s degree and doctorate), Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production (master’s degree), and Preventive Veterinary Medicine (doctorate).


Hospital Veterinário (Veterinary Hospital) Luiz Quintiliano de Oliveira, an auxiliary unit of the Veterinary Medicine course of Unesp, provides service to small and big animals, with specialized services in the areas of medical clinic, surgical clinic, pathophysiology of reproduction and obstetrics, anesthesiology, radiology, pathology and clinical laboratory, performed by professors of the Department of Animal Clinic, Surgery and Reproduction. Besides the direct performance in the professional education of the students of the 3rd and 4th years, the hospital provides the professional development to students of other universities and to veterinarians. The contact of the student with the professional practice and the development of applied research – providing services to animals of Araçatuba and region – enrich the undergraduation course in Veterinary Medicine in the Araçatuba campus.


▪ Undergraduation: Veterinary Medicine
▪ Graduation: Animal Science
▪ Physical space: 432,814.66 m²/Estrada Goulart: 54,150.17 m²/Student Housing: 4,862.76 m²
▪ Constructed area: 15,872.86 m²/Student Housing: 912.60 m²
▪ 244 undergraduate students
▪ 135 graduate students
▪ 52 professors
▪ 97 technical-administrative servants
▪ Veterinary Hospital “Luiz Quintiliano de Oliveira”

School of Veterinary Medicine

R. Clóvis Pestana, 793
CEP: 16050-680
Phone: (55) 18 3636-1400

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